About Us

Our History

The Birth of Smart Point of Sale (POS) by Mayaritech

Smart Point of Sale (POS) by Mayaritech is one of Mayaritech's apps that has been developed to complement the ECommerce web app it has been improving since 2012. The Smart POS has received continous development since it was created. Its design is to accept full customization for customers having varying needs and requirements

A Sequence of Our Journey

10 Years of Continuos Development, Backed Up by 20 Years of Company Experience

POS (Point of Sale) with Electronic Medical Record

Our latest development is a POS (Point of Sale) with Electronic Medical Record. Designed for clients who needs to record patient information along with payments and purchase records

Our Pres and CEO

Engr Ronald Mayari

MAYARITECH GLOBALWARE SOLUTIONS CORPORATION is a synergy of cutting edge technology, global innovations, user friendly software and custom developed apps. All specifically engineered to help you manage and maximize your business. Our technology and developments aim to help you and your business so that you can concentrate on what you love and improve your quality of life. 
Our goal is to Develop, create and distribute our technology throughout the country and the world. 
Mayaritech is your number one innovator and tech provider. We are your reliable source of technology for your everyday needs from user apps to commercial custom software, and from online store to full size multi vendor apps.

Mayaritech started Nov 8, 2016 and is spear headed by its President and CEO Engr. Ronald Mayari. It started with the name Netpod Corporation dated 2002